Top 5 New Toys for Your Pet Cat in 2019 You Wish You Had

Every cat owner knows it well…Cats are playful little creatures. They love to chase objects, scratch em…They are always ready for an adventure. Below is a concise list of toys we think you’ll find very interesting…And one thing is for sure…Your cat will be entertained.

#1 The LED Magic Ball by PETOP

Cats often enjoy chasing everything that moves by their side. They are pretadors that attack on sight. Imagine the joy and fun it’ll be for them fluffy little beasts to run around the house chasing the LED Magic Ball.

Key Features: USB Charging, Automatic Steering, LED Light, ABS, Rndom Motion, Feather Accesory, Non Toxic Materials

Colours: Soft White, Light Blue, Girly Pink

#2 The Turntable Crazy Ball by Carno

You spin my head “round n round…Your cat is going to go crazy for this crazy multilevel turntable ball rolling toy. It’ll develop its paws and reflexes on it, it’s an entertaining toy to add to your collection. Plus, if you have a problem controlling your pet cat, this will surely keep it busy for hours.

Key Features: Built-in Ball, Detachable design, Sponge Non Slip Mat design, Environmentally friendly, nontoxic ,safe and durable.

Colours: White, Blue, Pink

#3 Whack a Mole Cat Edition by Carno

If your cat becomes lazy and unfocused, look no further. This Whack a Mole Cat Edition is the right reflex toy for you. Made out of Solid Wood, featuring cartoon animal heads such us pandas, cats and birds, give your pet cat the appropriate tool to go back to its primal instincts…its feline reflexes…its agility. You won’t believe the level of fun they get from this particular toy. Big plus again, it will help you reconnect with your furfriend and you’ll find yourself playing with it for hours, entertained and overjoyed.

Key Features: Interactive play, Instinct exciting, Comes in two versions 5 holes or 3

#4 Hoopet Mint Cat Lollipop

In fourth, we have a very special toy. a catnip mint lollipop toy. Beyond the entertainment this toy will certainly bring to your cat, it will stimulate it’s stomach wriggle and it will help your pet cat decompress. Made out of premium and organic catnip, it will be a small, yet valuable plus to your all around playground. This lollipop also helps the elimination of hair bulbs in your cat’s stomach, and make its digestion smoother, This makes it especially suited for hairy cat breeds.

Key Features: Natural and edible Catnip, Safe, Small , Easy to carry, Natural mint Fragrance, Gives the cat fresh breath, No Chemicals added.

#5 The MOUSE…On wheels

The natural enemy is back at it…and this time…it’s on wheels. This RC Mouse is gonna drive your cat completely bananas. You’ll find this wireless Mouse to be the most entertaining toy in your arsenal to get your cat off his butt and up to work. It will chase it all over the house, will chew on it, and viciously attac….Wait, it will gently play with it ’till it fall asleep. It Is without a doubt, one of the most adored toy of your furry little friend.

Key Features: Battery Remote Controlled, Can move forward and backward, Realistic look, Non Toxic Material

Colours: Grey, Black, Brown

That’s it for today folks,
Keep in mind that an active cat is a Happy Cat. Cherish your pet, play with it, entertain it, push it around, it will love you for it. It is …this CatSimple.

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