5 Reasons to be adopted by a cat

Yes, there is much more to them than their innate cuteness and overall adorability. Cats are among the most popular pets on the planet, and for good reason. Whether you live in a studio appartment or a gigantic manoir, there is always an argument to be made in favour of an adoption. Well, since everybody loves a good list of things…here’s mine:

1- Cats can improve your health:
We live in a fast-paced world, a very stressful environment and it becomes increasingly hard to find ways to …just enjoy life and the free time we get. Here comes the Furrballs. According to studies, pets can improve health by functioning as a social resource, either to reduce stress, a function that is known as the “Buffering Effect”, or to satisfy basic social needs such as affection, attachment, companionship and opportunity for nurturance.

2- Cats teach you responsibility:
Taking care of a cat, a kitten or a pet in general is probably the healthiest way to make a responsible person out of each one of us. It is different from having to simply water a plant and expose to light. It takes a certain form of commitment, mixes it with a pinch of fun and offers us the most delightful way to enjoy caring for another living creature. Adopting a cat specifically teaches one how to be patient for the the small feline is a very independant and solitary animal. Domesticated but never really tamed, having to care for a cat is always a great way to be responsible.

3- Cats are means for making contact with nature:
Due to the kaleidoscopic changes which have occurred in the past few decades in our
social norms and cultural climate, we find ourselves at a crossroads. We are uneasy, sick of soul, and estranged from life. We feel anxious and powerless. In desperation, we look to the various therapies that have sprung up around us like weeds, hoping for an answer to our soul’s malaise. Cats offer us an escape from our demons and reconnects us with the purity of what originally was, Nature.

4- Cats are catalysts:
It is no wonder that we see everyday many humane societies have volunteers who bring dogs, cats, and other animals to nursing homes, homes for the aged, hospitals, schools and residential settings for emotionally and physically handicapped children on a weekly or monthly basis. As a result of their contact with the animals, the patients may feel free to disclose to and discuss with the volunteers many of their deepest concerns.

5- Cat help decrease distress and depression and increases in exercise:
Animal companions facilitate human companionship and decrease loneliness and social isolation. Indeed, according to studies, Cats and pets in general, act as lubricants by encouraging strangers to meet and talk and providing a neutral topic of conversation for new acquaintances. Pets alleviate loneliness across the human spectrum from homeless children to single women living alone and community-living adults. Also, cat owners feel less depressed than nonowners.

In conclusion, we could argue that there’s a million good reasons to adopt a cat, beyond the obvious ones, but again, the main thing to remember is that a good and happy cat is a companion in life and every single soul should enjoy its company at least once.

This is all for me today! I hope you enjoyed reading the list as much as i enjoyed writing it.

Furrball Out.

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