Do You Know About the “Felixer” ? The Laser-Sighted Feral Cat Trap!

The autonomous device can target and cull feral cats in the wild.

We, cat-enthusiasts, tend to forget that these little animals, put in the right environment are, and always will be apex predators. They, in fact, can decimate entire species of native birds and small mammals and this leads to measure to “contain” or “control” the feral population of cats.

A very efficient way to do so takes the name of “Felixer”, an autonomus device set on remote locations that target specifically and kills feral cats. Felixers were developed by Ecological Horizons and set up strategically to halt the fast extinction of some native wildlife.

four laser tripwires are used to target and identify the feral cats.

The Felixer operates in an ingenious way: As the cat walks by the device, it is detected and specifically targeted, and then it’s sprayed on the side with a toxic gel. The cat will eventually lick it off its body and die. The machine has been tested on dogs, wallabis and various other animals (in Australia) and none triggered it. Its design uses the two laser beams to accurately determine the height and width of the animal and hence, spray the gel. It also takes a picture of its victim as a log.

University of Adelaide’s Dr John Read, the man behind the Felixer device, said each unit costs around $15,000 to make. His team aims to make it less expensive and broadly available.

Again, the main purpose of the device is to control the population of what can be considered a “pest” in a an environment where extinction is what faces the local fauna. It is especially true in Australia where feral cats have decimated bilbies populations within just weeks of reintroduction into their natural habitats.

That’s it for me ! I’ll talk to you soon! Cats Out!

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