9 Fascinating Facts about Your Cat I’m Sure You’ll Find Interesting

We estimate between 200 and 600 million pet cats around the world, and probably around the same number on independant ones.

What else? let’s find out:

1- A Mother cat purrs to help her kitten with localisation:
Indeed, at a young age, kitties can barely see, hear or smell anything. The vibrations the mother makes allows them to locate their mother, like some kind of a beacon to lost and fresh souls on the path to food and comfort.

2- “Yeah, i Know it’s You Human” or the call cats make when they aknowledge someone:
It is well known that cats use various sounds and “purrs” to communicate with various other beings, including people. As a matter of fact, a pet cat will “call upon a familiar face” with a very distinct meow as a mean of aknowledgment. Soft and short, the call is a tender ” Hey, how you doing ?” that a cat utters towards its owner, a way of signaling that it sees him.

Curiosity…killed the cat. Save him, take interest in him.

3- Grooming divas:
They play, they hunt, they prey, they sleep….and that’s just a third of what cats typically do in a day. Another whole third of the time a cat spends is …on itself. Grooming itself, cleaning itself, polishing itself. They’re little furry actors, always getting ready for an oscar-worthy role.

4- Private matters:
W.C please! That’s the way things go with cats. Reserved little animals, cats require very quiet, low traffic litter boxes..to …well do business i guess. Anybody who’s ever observed a cat in his life, knows for a fact that cats don’t go unless nobody is around. This makes em polar oposites to dogs who are way more public about their…private business.

5- Tom Vs 1000 Jerrys:
A Thousand. That’s roughly what a young and healthy cat can kill in numbers when it comes to mice…per YEAR. The cat is the number one option as pest control, mice deterrent. if you own a pet cat, that you take care of and feed probably, there is virtually no chance of having and invasion of rodents. So yeah, it’d take an army of Jerrys to move one Tom out of the house.

6- Condescending…Yes, a little:
A research posted in the Journal Nature showed that, cats, in fact, know their names and choose to ignore them, willingly. They are very independant little creatures who, yes, may aknowledge the fact that you are the provider of food, but make you understand that they don’t necessarily need you to do so for them.

7- ” Yes, i can have a salad!”:
Cats have usually absolutely no interest in anything that isn’t meat or meaty. unless of course, they’re bored. If you chew gum because it’s sweet and entertaining to the mouth, your cat will probably do the same on a house plant simply because…well, he’s done with Netflix.

8- “How bout’ You Shup Up?!
It’s always funny to discover that some animals react differently to the same stimulus. In this case, an intensly meowing cat will never, ever stop if you ask it or yell at it. It only takes it as more fuel to ignite the conflict in this conversation it thinks you’re having with it. It will react positively though to food offers, a door opening or a toy

9- Strict no ” leash” policy:
There is absolutely no way a cat will accept the shame and embarassment of being led and guided by another creature. Where the collar may be “tolerable”, for esthetic reasons, the cat vigorously rejects the concept of being put on a leash.

That’s all i got for today, I’ll come back with more…soon…
In the meantime! You have a blessed day. Cat oout!

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