Top 5 cat toys in 2021
Round and round they go…But he’s watching em…he’s hunting them.

We’re back at it with a brand new list of toys we KNOW for a fact you’ll enjoy. Some of the items presented below are among a vast selection of toys and entertainment options available for your furry little friend. Whether it is to entertain him or to help him lose some weight, these articles are the best of this year 2021.

We managed to make it through a difficult year. Everybody lost something, or sadder, someone to the COVID-19 pandemic, but since a vaccine, or rather vaccines are on the way, all hope is not lost. A large portion of the population struggled and only found comfort in the paws of their pets.

Amazon, to this day, may still be the largest online retail company in the world, but even the biggest group cannot have everything you may need. Or can it ? This is where we come in. We have digged out some gems.

Hold on to your hats, we’re going in:

1- The Madness Scratching pole:

He’ll never come near your sofa ever.

Most cats get easily bored if confined within the walls of a house. This is especially true for the extrovert ones. There’s only one cure for that: The Madness Scratching Pole. The formula is quiet simple, take an environment-friendly fabric, scratch resistant, build an elegant and cute design and your furrball will be all over it.

Everything was taken into account to focus your cat’s attention on this purrfect toy. The height is optimal for most cats sizes, making it suitable for kitten and adult cats alike. It’s sturdy, robust and ready for any assault from the little hunter.

Also, the The Madness Scratching Pole comes with a feather ball on a string with the sole purpose of rendering your cat K-Raaazy

Check your options on Amazon

2 – The Treats on Wheels

It's fun and delicious at the same time
He wants it

Cats enjoy the simple things, them naps in the sun, a nice mouse chase, snacks here and there and nice round ball to play with. Well guess what! The Treats on Wheels has it all. It’s an All-In-One cat toy that brings the best of two worlds: Entertainement and food. A cat version of Netflix if you will.

Made out of high quality ABS plastic, the Treats on Wheels is a robust, safe and non toxic food dispenser. Perfectly healthy and tear resistant, it’s a great addition to your cats needs, kitten or adult. It is suited for any environment. The Treats on Wheels will keep your cat’s attention and focus thanks to the leaking food. The small ball attached to the wire will drive him crazy. You can unscrew the top of the ball for cleaning and refilling of snacks.

Check it out on Amazon

3- The Smart Box of Mysteries:

Erratic…Intelligent…Our Battle Will Be Legen…

This little intelligent box will drive your cat bananas. Fofos came up with an interesting design for a cat toy. The concept behind it is fairly simple: it capitalizes on the cat’s interest in small boxes, and erratic motion.

The Smart Box of Mysteries features a C-TYPE charging slot, an artificial intelligence, feathers and infrared sensors for start and stop. It offers up to a full week of charge on an 800 mAH battery.

The box can entertain a group of cats and entice their predatory and hunting nature. The feathers can be replaced in different colours. They are bite resistant and the whole coffret is fall resistant.

Check it out on Amazon

4- El Gato Windmill:

What have we here ?

El Gato Windmill is a suction cup that you can place on multiple surfaces, from the floor to the ceiling. It only takes creativity and knowledge of one’s cat preferences. It features two spinning beads on each side of the device. The high quality TPR build makes the windmill damage and bite resistant. Eco-friendly and non toxic, everything is ensured for your companion’s safety.

The main scratch brush is the core of the windmill. Your cat will love rubbing his cheeks and teeth on it safely and for hours. You may even apply some special toothpaste on the brush itself. Self grooming is probably the biggest part of a cat’s day. He’ll find it entertaining and will thank you for it.

Also, El Gato Windmill will keep your cats hightened senses to a maximum; It will focus his attention on it for a while hence, making it impossible for him to get bored at any given time during the day.

Check it out on Amazon

5 – The Classic Calling Balls:

Cats enjoy music as well…

One thing is certain. Nothing beats the classics.

The design is as basic and as efficient as it comes. It’s a ball that makes animal noises when the cat touches it. The little hunting machine we call pets start pushing it, punching it, biting it and end up playing with it for hours.

The toy comes in different colours. It’s made out of EVA, a rubber-like material, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. It produces either bird, frog or cricket noises. It helps stimulate the interest of the cat, or kitten, keep him busy and active during the day and entertained.

Extra feature, you may add some catnip to The Classic Calling Balls. Your cat will be all over it for days.

Check it out on Amazon

That’s it for me today, so tell me, which one is your favourite ?

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